customised solutions

"Prescription before diagnosis is malpractice"

Every business is different, whether it is with what you do, or how you do it. These differences set you apart from your competitors.
So why would you accept being 'told' what communications solution you ought to have, before someone has taken the time to understand what you need?

You wouldn't...and this is the exact reason why Enterprise 55 Technologies will always give you a customised solution that is built specifically for the way you do business. We'll will work with you to ensure we understand how your company operates before making any recommendations. By taking this approach, change can be managed and maximum-buy-in from your staff can be achieved.

We take seriously your decision to invest in technology to leverage efficiencies and collaboration. We consider that our reputation hinges on your business success, and so we'll always ensure that you are getting the right solution for your needs every time. If the solution isn't going to work for you, then it isn't the right solution. Period.

Take advantage of our experience to get the best solution for your business

With over 25 years experience in the Data, Networking Communications & IT industries, Enterprise 55 Technologies is in a unique position to offer consulting and advice without being impeded by the restrictive thinking of your typical PABX technician. Whether you seek a system that is purely voice, or one that empowers mobility and integrates you with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Circuit, RingCentral or any other modern platform - we can offer you fresh thinking.

- Being 100% carrier-independent, we can ensure agility, value and service regardless of carrier.

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